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The beauty and complexity of the human design is astounding. For each of us there is a natural rhythm that exists in every movement of our body. However, time, age, stress, injury, repetitive motion, and illness change the way our bodies function and move. Over time, our primary control over coordination and balance begins to break down. And, eventually the constant misuse of the muscles can make the entire body system go wrong. As part of this process, we may experience anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Injury, poor posture, or stiffness of movement can develop. We may also experience a lack or loss of self esteem.

Students of The Alexander Technique are taught to examine the way they perform everyday activities, like sitting, standing, bending, and reaching, as well as other motions. When students come to understand the actions of their own bodies, they learn to recognize, manage, and release tension through techniques such as constructive rest and body mapping.


Lifelong misuse of the basic muscle groups along with age, stress, injury and illness can change the way our bodies move and function. At Human Design, Toni Poll–Sorensen, PhD, can guide you through individual or group lessons that will enable you to:

•Recognize and release stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

•Improve your posture, range of motion and movement potential.

•Improve your self–image and confidence.

•Develop clearer thinking and more energy.





Alexander Technique Lesson - involving re-alignment of the arm and hand

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